"DJBooth City Cypher #1"

[Intro: Emilio Rojas]
It's E to the M-I-L-I-O, it's like, yeah
Dj Booth dot net, yeah

[Verse 1: Emilio Rojas]
Yeah, I live in a place where killers are frenzy
People don't wanna move in with family members
[?] sipping the liqour, sipping the lean
And maybe sniffing a lil' bit of caine
Put it in a lil' bit of vapor
The only things that's certain is
Nothing ever change
I live in a place where people are always wicked
Policemen are vicious
If you smokin' a lil' bit of weed
They cuffing you up, no getting a ticket
We're living with a limited vision
You into sh*t that will get you to prison
We trying to f*ck some women everybody trying to have kids with
And still get knocked up, and still get locked up
Going out, we're trying to chill and [?] but still get shot up
'Cause some egos getting involved
And all these kids ain't that tough
So instead of throwing hands
They quick to let them clocks out
Like rrrhe!
We know the officers by name
The corner study in that corner office is a shame
They fill us up with poison
Each and every galon
For the food we eat from [?]
They closing Medicaid, what up?
Them CEOs ain't eating no GMOs
Them CEOs ain't eating no GMOs
Conservatives are preserving it so deep in our bones
When we die, we don't even decompose
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