Last month I made twenty thousand dollars
How the f*ck am I broke?
Whole sh*t in jeopardy like what the f*ck is a joke? (ah, ah, ah)
Plus my brother just got locked
Aye what the f*ck is some hope (Labb, Labb, Labb)

Used to hope in abundance
Now I'm hoping to bunt it
Running home is out of reach
At least I'm going with something
I'm off the road, over budget
I'm over goals, I'mma dub 'em
Had all this love but they forgot (Yuh)
About me all of a sudden
Take my losses and I wear 'em well
I never showboat
My two V's, I let 'em sail

I seem to stow most
And do V's and quick to tell
So if you stow quotes
Then truly you know me well
You know me well (know me, know me, know me)
I been tryna' keep up with my problems
Got rich in issues
Everytime I look, they keep on piling
I miss my people
Got they digits but I never dial 'em
I search for balance never find it
So it's back to grinding
Ain't no way around it (uh, uh, uh)
I been gone thirty days
On interstate
I jump out the Ford like the Wraith
Tour been ablaze *sizzle*
sh*t feel like we on but we ain't
Four split a plate
We slept in the Ford day-to-day
For thirty on the stage
f*ck these n*ggas be talking 'bout?
When they say they want it won't die about it
Brush your teeth at the waffle house
When we slept on floors ain't cry about it (oh)
Over budget couldn't buy up out it
"How we doin'?"
Had to lie about it
Talked to god and I asked for strength
How the f*ck I look asking why about it
I don't whine 'bout it n*gga
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