"Next Time"

[Verse 1]
Yeah, alarm ringing early
It’s 8 am wake my vision blurry
I make it end
Lay back down with no worries
Scroll through the net
Could get up get the money
I’ll sleep for ten
Oh it’s noon now
Bummy but I still could be productive
That ain’t ruled
Grumpy with no breakfast in your tummy
I need food now
Whip my wrist put pancakes on my plate
I brush my teeth then hit my room
Let’s put some work in on this tape
Write a word for the verse
Scroll a little
Writer’s block f*ck the verse
Scroll a little scroll a little uh
Reminiscing on a high chair
Tryna figure why I’m here
Came up with no ideas
But I ranked up my My Player
Whole day gone by
Still got no rhymes
One less than 25
Why I waste mine
Missed my deadline
Did that 3 times
But I can’t rewind
It’s fine I can always do it next time
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