All right
We made it to the end
God damn
I just want to say thank you for that yo

[Verse 1]
Took what I had and started building not luck it’s resilience
All the trials and tribulations could make us a million
So many ways of win admitted bro you just ain't willin
You give excuses can't excuse em man you sound like Willis
f*ck is you talking about
I don't want to heard it
523 my surface
Came in the game with the furnace
Still did service
Bands on me I earned em
Heels on heel I curve em
I don't want to learn them
Wheels on peal I burn em
Hopped off curb on purpose
Built my person
I got deals off burdens
Another tape and I'm still rocking
I just hope somebody proud of me
Labb on me and it's still popping
I just know somebody doubted me
What would I say to em
Give up the game to em
Or tell him to go dig up a hole
Cuz I don't relate to em God damn
This side this side still on this side
Don't do treaties L A B B
It's all wins on this side
All money in on this side
Divi the ends on this side
All my dogs done turned to bosses
Pick up a gem on this side
Whipping the words took what I earned doubled it up and did it again
I get a urge dig in the birk
Wanted a rough give em a 10
Give em a uh give him a 10
I want the legend I I'll give up a benz
I won’t come second to dollars I did it was wildin
For heaven I’ll give up the ends
We all the same ain't none of the horses zooted
I tell you get it together cuz I also been through it
And I'm still trying to figure it out
Problems come with bigger amounts
I write to myself when I be drowning
‘Cause I remember nights I couldn't get it right
Starving with no appetite
Stuck and feeling useless loosely wishing I would pass tonight
Stuck and used to losing
I was stuck with my excuses
I was stuck and now i'm moving
If you stuck we getting through it
I embellished hues
My dark times is sounding like mo betta blues
I surface all my burdens but it's worth it if it better you
They'll be worse and better days
It's coming back around so when you going the lows
Just let it out then fix your crown you ain't dead yet
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