"I Love Me Too Much (Acoustic)"

Aight, let's run

Yeah, Honest
Let’s be honest about it
You running from women that Iove you and want you
And that’s ‘cause you honestly doubt it
Doubt it, doubt it
Say you here to stay, I doubt it
Really know my flaws, I doubt it
‘Cause if you really did would you look at me the same, I doubt it
Broke and I’m broken too
Dubbing sh*t I claim I’m open to
I fall then you leavin', I know the moves
She said she got me I hope you lose
‘Cause if you don’t, then what?
Please tell me where we ‘bout to end up
Married with some kids and a benz truck
Living in the ‘burbs with the fence up
Stop it
I know how it goes
Behind the music I watched all the shows
Artists find women that love ‘em before they were something
And f*ck every b*tch on the road
I know what you thinking
"Why can’t I do this sh*t different?"
Not saying I can’t but the odds are against it
Bet all these rappers went hard for their Mrs
And still turn around and they diss ‘em
That’s why I go for women making me chase
Do I got it or it’s slipping away
Never know the sh*t until it’s too late
By then I’m over it I don’t feel a way
I don’t know the reason
Maybe my fall for the teases
Could stem from my daddy leaving
He used to call me and tell me he ‘bout to pull up on me
Stupidly I believed him
Stupid me stupid me
Maybe I walk with resentment from sh*t that was never tended
Prolly the reason my mama got married and I didn’t know him and ain’t attempt it
Prolly the reason why I’m never trippin’ on leaving ‘cause I’ma be good regardless
Mikey just like me he good regardless
Word to my wifey she good regardless
I thinking I’m coming to grips that I don’t know what love is
So I get to running
And lately I look at my bf like she’s what I wanted
I know that I’m bugging
I’m still working on me
I never move with an army
Secluded I use it to arm me
I move like it’s only me that got me
And I try to break it it’s still sloppy
You shouldn’t-
You shouldn’t love me
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