David Banner

"How I Feel"

[Intro: Eric Bellinger]
David, David Banner

Not the way I planned it
Oh, no, no (Oh)
If you could only know my feelings (Yeah)
Then you would know how much

[Verse 1: T.I., Eric Bellinger & Both]
Look (Hey)
f*ck all that protestin' and marchin' peacefully (Yeah)
They still gon' find a way to handle us egregiously (Oh)
Legally, if I may get this sh*t up off my mind now (Now)
We born in the battlefield, can't call no timeout (Yeah)
Every time now, it's another one of us lyin' out (Hey)
Cryin' out, “I can't breathe” until he dies out (Oh, no)
Make me at myself, what would you die about?

I doubt if a n*gga been bangin' since junior high
Let ‘em fly, opposition resemblin' you and I (Sheesh)
Racist cracker, give a f*ck about it (Givе a f*ck about it)
They never will 'til thеy start pickin' up a couple bodies (Couple bodies)
When we got killed, well, there's some hours, scattered rain shower
The pain hurt (Oh) but the cold heart, fact of the matter, it's gettin' worse
(What else do you want? There's so much pain on me)
Damn, if I could wish upon a star
I'll send a special bullet everywhere you hateful bast*rds are
(What else do you want? Please don't hate on me)
Pull a string like a Gibson guitar, ‘way from afar
(What else do you want? There's so much pain on me)
Slow motion watch it enter your temple and exit your jaw, hmm
Send you all to Hell with a scar, a conversation piece
(What else do you want? Please don't hate on me)
Hope it maybe leads to a joke when you and Satan speak
Yeah, you patronizin' us, we waitin' patiently
Well, you'll prolly get your life to trade a day with me
Call that sh*t a eye for a eye, my n*gga, by any means (Sheesh)
Had extended clips before skinny jeans (Yeah)
Now bow and arrows at cop cars with kerosene
That's how I'm feelin'
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