"Must Be"

Room full of loud but it's silent
We don't talk we just vibes in
My third EP has got my name ringing like some sirens
Now she give me brains she ain't psychic
She just knows that I like it
Couple missed calls but they're private
Couple 8 balls of the highest and that's when I'm the nicest
I can't even keep open my eyelids
She promised that sound was the tightest
I just hope that she ain't lying cos I'm on it
Praying that she's honest
New girl looking like a Goddess yeah I told you
Knew something deadly and it's spreading like Ebola
New straight smelly nearly put me in a coma yeah
Nearly put me in a coma
Gotta coupla grams of cess I'm tryna stretch it like it's yoga
Said they put in work but I can't see them on the Rota
n*gga you ain't f*cking with my old stuff
Got my brothers in the can like the soda
Mad got this trip up on my shoulder
And m girls still swearing about some old stuff
Used to drink Henny and Corona
I used to hit the belly then go spin it like a donor
Now my cities getting colder, getting colder
I feel it getting closer, getting closer
Take a picture ill be gone soon as I blow up
Always said I'm in it til it's over
Let me roll another spliff you know ammy's my aroma
Never knew that I had kids, let me teach em how to grow up
Just an unlucky lonely stoner
I got a China ting looking like a Moana and she hates that I smoke
Says it's changing my persona
Love it when I make it slower
Brains so good I never told her
Probably should have gave her a diploma
I don't like her when it's kosher
Old tings ringing off my blower
Probably wouldn't care if I was sober, probably wouldn't care yeah

And were the realest round here word
It's been a minute since a n*gga been scared
It's been a minute since a n*gga even cared yeah
It must be cos we're the realest round here
Must be the realest round here yeah
I don't even care
Them n*ggas we don't fair
It must be cos we're the realest round here
Must be the realest round here
Long time since a n*gga even cared
No non of them n*ggas be fair
Must be cos we're the realest round here

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