"7 Shots"

Aye, I woke up this mooorrrnninggg!
I thank God. 7missed shots how am I alive?
Look, I dont like talking bout funds but I really get the bread
All you n*ggas get the crumbs. Got yo bit giving me head but
Thats really just for fun, got my thumb in her buns while my son on her tongue. Put my son over me, number one under son. Hotter than oven when biscuits are done
Take yo bit out to lunch. Take you n*ggas out to brunch. Shout out to my bloods, know they get it out the mud. I pour a lil in my cup then I fye up the dutch, No I ain't talking bout Von. Nobody f*cking with mom's, unless n*ggas ready to die. Make my demons come alive. And when it comes to the business all you n*ggas getting tied. Body smelling like fish, gottem thinking it's a fry..
Woah or some pus*y

"Man, Bunch of punk muthaf*ckas man"
"Aye Zilla you, you smell something man?"
"I definitely smell something out here"
"You smell something steph?"
"I smell it"
"I smell, I SMELL pus*y!"

Look, all you n*ggas just some pus*ys
All you n*ggas play on rookie shooting but you ain't even looking
7 shots almost took me, had my n*ggas out there looking. If I woulda been hit GlennAddie woulda got the cooking, set all up in flames
n*ggas gon step bout my name, AC BANKS be the great! n*ggas just hate cus I get cheese like a grate. Money tree, I need a rake. I just thank God for always keeping me safe, cus my momma she be praying. That's my rock like Dwayne. Hair Gold, I'm Supersaiyan
I was bout to lift off in my spaceship then them n*ggas got the spraying. Now my baby in the shop but I just pulled of the lot in a 2019 foreign this grind dont stop!

Man, if you woke up this morning
You should thank God
Cause tomorrow you might not wake up
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