Oh yea, you know I'm bout to pop my sh*t on this
Shout out Effinin! Real steppa, him got big feet
Aye Don Won, what the lick read?
What's the Bem Bem, Country Boy?

AC hop fresh in this bit.(oh yea)
So clean ya bit wanna lick
So clean n*ggas think I'm a lick.(sike!)
Instead they get hit with a stick.(Pop, Pop)
Oh yea I'm Poppin my sh*t!(oh yeaah)
Feeling like 2Pac in this b*tch.(ThugLife)
Smelling like Versace an sh*t
Blue bottle, that's Eros lil b*tch.(Lil b*tch!)
I keep a feewww b*tch's.(Just a few)
Oh yea that's plural lil b*tch.(Lil b*tch!)
I'm stacking my guap up an sh*t
No guac on my nachos lil bit.(f*ck you doin?)
Yall crack like tacos an sh*t
Shout out my Vatos lil bit!
Backwoods, we smoking that stick
Medical, you need you a kit
No bic but sh*t can get lit!
This is the remix to ignition
She squirt but you think she p*ssin'(Childish ass)
Milk box, yo face on there missing!
I teach but n*ggas don't listen.(they dont)
I preach but n*ggas is vicious.(they do)
They sneak then they get the dissin.(oh no)
I peep & then I dismiss em
Smoked they ahh now I got the Itis
Baked some chicken but it came from Tyson
Hate to fight, no I am not Tyson.(Too clean)
Kill yo ass with a lil doze of Ricin
Got some shooters but they got no license
Not for driving, guns or ID's
2 phones but you cannot find me
I'm poppin no need to remind me!(Ssshhh)
Independent, no I am not signing
If the check right then you might change my minding.(you might)
All gold like I been down mining
Green face! Cus money is timing. (Green face baabbbyy)
I shine, no need for the lighting.(woah)
I grind but I am not Tony
Coke boy like I am Montana
My n*ggas, they look like a Fanta!
Orange sh*t but you dont understand it
Said a prayer & then I demand it
Got bored, I started rappin'
Yall cap, yall just be crappin'
Did the race & I already lapped ya.(zoooomm)
In the spaceship & I get the laughing.(hahaha)
CaliBama & I got the accent
Check the grammar, all Facts n*gga!
Only thing cap about me is this cap I'm drankin!
CaliBama be the label!
A broke hoe could never shawty. Eva, Eva, Eva...
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