Disneyland lyrics


Marvin Hamlisch

Hot Sunday night
I guess the folks were busy fighting
Joe'd already left home
Eleven years old on my own
Feeling nothing but lonely
There's nothing to do
There's nothing out there but the traffic
Down on state ninety-three
So I'd sit through the night by our old black and white TV
That's where I saw it
That's when I heard it
Calling, Calling me
Disneyland, Magic Kingdom
Disneyland, I close my eyes real tight
Wishing hard I might
Wishing hard I may
Find my way to
Disneyland, Gotta get to
Disneyland, on a western breeze
Magic carpet pleasе, carry me away

I know you're gonna say the trees arе paper mache
It's done with mirrors
The magic there
Each little birds full of springs
You press a button it sings
Recorded music in the air
They've had the mountain refaced it's only plywood and paste
Go on say it! I'll turn around and tell you I don't care
I don't... care

I will live in Disneyland
Make my home in Disneyland
Maybe it's all fake
That's a chance I'll take
It's perfectly ok
Someone give me
Take me there!
To Disneyland
And when I get to Disneyland
I'll stay
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