Lhasa De Sela


Blood on your hands don't wash off too easy
Even if you lie to the folks when you leave me
You can't pretend, You can't pretend
That you didn't use those weapons against me
You took the bread and left me at the precinct
You built a Wall so you won't have to see me
You couldn't stare direct at what you did
While still enjoying those good benefits (the fruits of tricks)
You shot the gun and shook it off easily
(You) Forced him to talk while he was still grieving
Poured up the language in a glass
He drank it down
(I) heard the same sh*t on your TV
Come out his mouth
You broke my district up into pieces
Now I see the cracks all up in your ceilings
It's a lotta drama going on in the town
And I been around enough to know what's going down Yea

Soon this space will be too small
And I’ll go outside
To the huge hillside
Where the wild winds blow
And the cold stars shine
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