Addicted to the dark, let it ride now
? with the steel, let me find out
Where you hide now
What you lie about
Game on when this song
b*tch no timeout
Ima take you with me to the darkside
Where the shadows live, where the f*ckin' sun die
Come and find me
b*tch come and try me
Everytime I feel my pulse I'm like "Don't remind me"
Still breathin'
Yup, I'm still the heathen
[?] never knew
The road of all demons
Snow falls down
And we, we hibernate
At the time we was broke as sh*t, we barely ate

Now I'm eating steak like a f*ckin don
Low-life, but I'm living upper echelon
Took a little minute, but I think they catchin' on
Never trippin off my haters they can catch a bond
Catch me at the trapper posted at the BlizzardCon
Smokin' thrax, flippin' packs like that sh*t my job
10 racks for a show
Give that to my mom [?] (cash)
Gettin' money with my family like we in the mob (alright)
Never fall, rock hard b*tch I'm walkin' tall (real)
Trap n*gga, rock star wit' no damn guitar (yeah)
On the road to success in a stolen car (right)
People said I wasn't sh*t, but I made it far

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