Bagging that bag i’m flipping bricks out the back ( flipping bricks)
Yo hoe tryna smash on me and my n*ggas and get some cash
I’m smashing that b*tch and pulling her hair out ( tracks)
She a sneaky lil thing so you know you gotta watch yo back ( she a lil sneaky thing)

My n*ggas got that heat so you know i can’t sleep ( i’m always alert)
I ain’t goin’ out sad about no hoe
I send that b*tch back on her boat (she deported)
You n*ggas is fake so i can’t be real with you
I done came a long way from sleeping on the floor
But now i’m on the road getting 24 a show
I was eating cup noodles and cold sandwiches
Now i’m rolling blunts and touching the moon ( Moon Rocks)
And i pulled up on you ( you a scary b*tch)

So don’t talk all that sh*t on the internet and then you ain't about it
Just try to pull up and you gone be out of here ( you gone see God)
I ain’t no b*tch so you better be about ( don’t be scared)
I’m like Steph Curry with the shot i make it rain
I done came a long way from robbing and taking sh*t out the stores
I’m just tryna get bread with my n*ggas and put my neck on froze ( Ice)
You n*ggas is too fake for me (too fake)
You n*ggas will switch up over a little bit of change
And i was with you from the jump how am i fake (how)
You was the problem it wasn't me
You listened to them lie about me (them rumors)
Now you a different person than before (you done changed)
I only got a few n*ggas that i can claim ( Brothers)

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