[Verse 1]
Punk motherf*ckers, duck motherf*ckers
Play with BONES, and I promise you'll get f*cked motherf*ckers
I’ll put you on something, I don't f*ck with no suckers
Kick rap, smoke dope, then I ride like buster
I'm the motherf*cking Sc*mbag, never forget
I’m comprised of bad days, and subtle regrets
I got the hand on the TEC, and the clip and the 9
Say another word like Pinky, get popped you're a clown
I lay yo ass back, just like a La-Z-Boy
Too much woods been smoked, still hazy boy
White paint, black seats, old fashion my rover
Red rover, red rover, call your b*tch on over
Used to want a Benz G, with the flags like H.O.V.A
'Til I turned a certain age, and saw he popped like soda
So out of tune with what's cool, like just a old man
But I'm still magic somehow, poof, Alakazam

All metal my spot, then honeycomb my base
The rifle off safety just to ensure I'm safe
I will bang
All your boys give a f*ck, what you claim
It's TeamSESH 'til I lay

[Verse 2]
Feeling something like Black Dynamite
But I’m white like lightning, when it finally strikes
I crack road, smash homes and break the foundation
I was high for so long, I’m on a permanent vacation
Had dope in my nails, burn marks on the floor
Got skeleton soldiers, if you want to go to war
Heard your sh*t one time, to say the least I was bored
You act tough on the surface, but you're soft to the core

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