[Verse 1: BONES]
f*ck do you mean you been gettin' it
Little boy, you must be kiddin' me
Broke b*tch, you the epitome
Saw your b*tch page and she pinnin' me
SESH never run out of energy
BONES never run out of enemies
Talkin' that no don't offend me
Money that's only that makin' me
I gotta dash
I gotta go
Water my neck overflowin'
You got a check, you got a tour
But your label still you be owin' em
I could go on
Need I say more?
You're insecure and you're showin' it
You should invest it
You should be savin'
But it's that I see you blowin' it
Out to the truck
Weed in the blunt
When you on SESH, you do what you want
Don't give a f*ck
Your boy is a bum
His music is sh*t and his house is a dump
Load up them guns
Run and come find me
I'm in the house with the pool behind it
Multiple rooms it's a task to find me

[Verse 2: Ice Watch]
Ice Watch
I got a b*tch from the sticks (Sticks)
She cook the shrimp with the grits (Grits)
You n*ggas brag about steaks (Steaks)
I feed that sh*t to my pits (as*h*les)
Might take a flight to an Island (Island)
You might carpool in a Lyft
These bottles a thousand a sip (Sip)
Smell like money take a whiff
Weed and sh*t you can't get (Get)
Pufferfish with the asparagus (Asparagus)
Been that n*gga for a long time (Long time)
All my merch, your b*tch's wearin' it (Wearin' it)
Ice Watch you hilarious (Hilarious)
Debonair and nefarious (Nefarious)
Must I remind you that I been that n*gga
Okay I been that n*gga for a long time
Your b*tch know all my song titles (Song titles)
Album links and song times (Song times)
She only bump you sometimes (Sometimes)

[Outro: Ice Watch]
Wait a minute
What's that about?

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