[Verse 1]
All you "What have you done for me lately?" ass motherf*ckers
Better duck when I buck
Finna blast y'all suckers off
You can try 'til you never can get it, no motherf*ckers
Do everything that you can but they'll never be pleased, never
There's always something new
That they want out of you

[Verse 2]
Used to ride in a Corolla down a road made of mud
Now we sitting on the bus with the [?]
Always expecting the worst so I only feel luck
Got my brothers by my side and my blade's still tucked
Blade still tucked in my overcoat, tucked in my overcoat
(Tucked in my overcoat)
Try to come between us and your face getting f*cked
I remember days that I needed to be numb
Now I wanna feel every second when I'm on
Now I wanna feel every second when I'm on

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