[Verse 1]
When you up, motherf*ckers will dap you up
They go behind your back and say it's you that's switching up
Like "all the sh*t he got, he don't deserve half of it"
The kind that drop a thousand songs before I made a thousand back
I pay them no mind though, it's in my head, I know
That's just the reflection of insecurities inside, now
Projected onto me like the screen when they feel entitled
The mind goes, start spewing sh*t to spite you
But it's alright though, everybody has bad days
Just don't waste away blaming others for your fate
You got to get up out of your funk, move your feet
Break your f*cking neck, bob your head to the beat

You know that I can't blame you
We all going through something
You know that I can't hate you
We all live for the moment

[Verse 2]
I gotta disconnect, get away for a while
Couple solar cells in a duffel bag and I'm out
Few jackets, a canteen, and grab my vitamins
In the cabin with a skylight, to let the light in
Sunshine, alpines, grown to the sky
Wanna do, jump on my boots, and I walk by
Don't worry about me, I ain't worried about you
Just had to go somewhere where the surrounding is true
Deadman, fresh air, replenish my lungs
Gratitude only thing I feel when I'm up
I got to see the sky today, I get to see the moon tonight
As soon as I grip the mic, I kill it, how rude am I?
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