[Verse 1]
SESH gold chain like the moon that glow
Diamonds on my blade, I do the most
Going gets rough, I knew you'd go
I could change my name and get away from the coast
But no matter how far inland I go
No matter how many times I deny that I'm Bones
I will still be the Dead Man, till I'm burnt into ashes
Let me wipe off my feet, step into the world
Don’t know what to expect
But I got a hunch it's the worst
At a hole in the wall bar
Just give me the works
Greaf on the shirt, Planet Earth on my nerves

Closing time, get home safely if you can
Closing time, you are always on my mind

[Verse 2]
I hate to say it, I always do
Just amuse me, whatever you do
I hurt myself but, it's nothing new
Our thoughts are one, they're never two- two
On and on
On and on

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