Palm drive, dirt patch
Sippin' slow, smokin' fast
Rockin' chains, flickin' ash
Sparkin' flames, kickin' back
Monogram like dapper dan
SESH on my jacket and pants
I heard you blew your advance
No, I cannot lend a hand
Garbage cans, garbage mans
Livin' in a garbage land
Treat the earth like sh*t
Then get confused when it don't like us back

Fade to black
Queue the credits
Pull my blade out then direct it
Produce what I go through
Ain't no cut, b*tch
All I know is action
Grand west sh*t
3am stumblin' to the crib
Zoned up, now walking through the mist
To the park where I let my mind rest
See the rest, see if there's a contest
I'm creepin', there's nothin' I don't stress
That's why it's clear BONES the best
Too much of that weed and nothin' less
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