Eclipse lyrics



The sun is up but I feel more down than ever, ever
My pockets full but I'm gonna ride like they empty, empty
I got control, but I don't got none here with me, with me
I left a hole in my wallet, chris spot me 50-50
Bad, down bad, you know the drill
If I’m reaching for my --, then it's blood getting spilled
If the roof is on fire, then it's us that's in the buil'
A.O.E. we all make it freeze, b*tch I'm dingin like a bell
How i do it?, ain't nobody know
Where we left 'em at? ain't nobody know
I took it too far, I'm where nobody go
Hundred fifty blunts fatter than adios

Diamond chains banging, something like thats what it sound like
Let your chains jump, i listen close like that don't sound right
Copy, paste it, bite the sound, you losin with your sound bites
Chocolate diamonds, no telling what she'll do for a Klondike

Quit with the b*tchin, you can disappear with all that bad talk
We could pick your b*tch up, When she's still then drop her back off
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