KiaShine lyrics



In my zone, my form is so rare man
Stunnin' like my daddy, my habit is "I don't care man"
Creep named BONES, straight up out the junkyard
Sterilized ice, neck fresh up out the OR
Pixelated brain, my vision is not the same
Brought me somewhere, 25 and insane
Galaga your brain if you make me feel a way
I can never do away with the ways of my rage

I could try to make it simmer
I could try to make it listen
Even if I ain't screaming my anger will still whisper
Sc*mbag too crispy, Kia shine light make her wow if you listen
Think it over fore you diss me
Wrap em up like it's Christmas
b*tch, you on my wishlist
Some say I might be trippin', but others ain't us
TeamSESH 'til it's finished

Block get hotter, shoulder growing colder
Wire through the phone, no textin', I can't get caught up
Life on the line, just witness, how he gon' bother
Heads up 7-Up, you pop like soda
Caught him at the fence he tried to hop right over
Got some real good friends, I'ma call right over
That's some double dog deadboys, f*ck you right over
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