"Smoke & Mirrors"

[Verse 1: Nick XL]
Yo, I keep with the friction
Family p*ssed cause I been missed, don't keep the steeple in vision
Peeps deletin' all my sh*t, they know I'm speakin' out fiction
I've been readin old lyrics from a kid who just spittin'
Before he turned 15 and got put on the shelf
Crazy, I had a bigger fanbase when I was 12
Then I had to pick fights and be a nuisance to all
And either treat friends like sh*t or just refuse all their calls
But I'm in my room still makin' tunes like it's all good
When I should figure out how to recoup from the fall
I ain't makin' f*ckin' moves, I wear a boot, I just stall
To learn I wasn't much took f*ckin' losin' it all, yeah
I can't confide pharmaceuticals
Though thoughts of turning my mind off are beautiful
Days where I bite through my cuticles
Pacing my room, I find them to be numeral
I hope that makin the scripture
Paints all my rage, hope I'm painting a picture
I lift my brain with the mixture
Off of the potion, back on the elixir

[Verse 2: Inhansed]
Throw the smoke in mirrors, you won't see a soul in here
Yeah, you seeming so sincere since you scream in someone's ear
I know you wanna get close
But my boundaries reminding me the doors to keep 'em closed
On my enemies and foes and to keep you on your toes
I exposed you all at show when I was venting on my woes
And they don't even know it
I got all this stacked potential and I won't even show it, I store it
Lately all I'm making is these poems that potent
Seek my soul like I sold it, it's a crow with his omen
Heart stay open but stop inquiring
Call it fallacy, but actually, you stole me so entirely
Admitted to the tragedy you caused and then you askin' me
Why sad to see anatomy? I built to this capacity
Like I even f*ckin' wanted it, like I even f*ckin' wanted it
I never f*ckin' wanted this, a pessimist that only sits
Inside, the more alone I get and cold I grow in loneliness
And I be honest, I don't think they ever wanna notice it
My penmanship ain't hesitant to show 'em all how cold i get
You changed my life for forever
Now approach me front and center swearing you will do better
But I be trashing all your letters, send 'em back to the sender
I never needed no one ever to go out like a sinner

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