Ryan Adams


Escape my mind
Whenever I
Listen to some music
Takes me out my body
Something sacred like a Buddhist
Soul as ancient as the druids
Know my spirit is the truest
But I ain't tryna preach sermons
Only priest in here is Judas

Growing up
I always sought to be a rapper
Spittin' in the halls
People hate, it didn't matter
I was livin' full of laughter
Channeling my inner passion
Cause when the beat drops
All my problems seem to scatter

Now I'm freer than I've ever been
Manipulating phrases, like water done did to sediment
Articulating spaces, manifesting an oasis
Illuminating faces with syntactical domination

That was all a bit complicated
An I don't mean to be corny
I'm just an honest kid
Survivor of the monstrous
An audio apocalypse
I'm stopping it
It's cool you dancing with the blunt
Just don't drop it b*tch


Stay with the knowledge
I been doing lots of reading
Learning all I can
Still searching for the meaning
Of life
What everythings' purpose is
If i'm right
Than all these blessings come as curses an
It's the best, to be a stressed and nervous kid
Call yo bad luck a test
See how fast ya learning sh*t
An you can make something happen
But make is a verb
So you better get crackin'

No more puttin' off the tasks of the day
Tryna get my sh*t together
Need to dash from the state
Find some decent weather
Still gon' keep my ass in the shade
Know I'm lookin' for a woman
Need a Jasmine or Jade
A lady to the public
Animal when we private
A true 2-in-one, she got the brains
& the body
Her heart down to earth
But her style is exotic
She smart
She sound like church
If it was riddled in logic

Like unrequited love or crazy indecision
It's a battle of the mind
Hard time in your own prison
When you feel you've lost control
An ya trust is feeling fiction
Get you a loyal homie
That's word the mans Krillen

We all victims in this never ending race
Battling these demons
We neglect and medicate
Traveling, I'm seeking
On a quest for my escape
The world is what you make it
Started questioning my fate

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