"Crown Cup"

Call me Forest Whitaker
Cause all my diamonds blood
I made her pus*y flood
I’m the salt to a slug

n*ggas judge a book, and they still won’t flip a page
I light a blunt and rage
You get mad and transfer AIDS

Yo, yo, yo
D-A-M crackin bottles across a punk ass ho
(you already know what’s good n*gga)
NV Nation in this muthaf*cka
(Man India Love got a fat ass booty
I’m trying to smash on that
Rihanna comin next)

Ooo, ooo, ooo
You already know what’s goin’
Smokin’ on that “ooo” pack

I got Henn and coffee in my Crown cup
I get pied up
Best to move from ‘round us
You a pus*y bruh
They call me Spooky in yo town mane
Watch your mailbox
n*ggas be losin they pounds mane
I keep a nighthawk
If my manager, yell at me he get his day stopped
(Beat his ass)
PayPal to Venmo
Whatever b*tch
Retreat my guap
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