Got that pump
I call it Ghazi
60 rounds that Maserati
If you need it then I got it
All my n*ggas bout it bout it
In St. Charlie
Getting loaded
Sippin’ tonic
Lick a shot
Buss 5 times that b*tch get hot
I wrap the grip wit the bandana

Proper posture with the pistol hold my sh*t just like a copper
Stand my ground
Might as well say f*ck NY
Imma pop ya
Imma have to shake the spot
You gon’ have to see a doctor
Go ahead and bring ya squad
My guys drop from helicopters
You do beef like peasants n*gga
We do ours just like the swat
Thunder and the lightning from the Glock
And now it’s raining shots
Exercise my right to keep it on me
Cause these n*ggas wild
Comin home to see my fam
I put that sh*t there on my mama
I ain’t worried bout no karma
...without a warnin’
Constantly they ring regardless
Imma keep it honest
Yes you know the heater on me aye
And I keep it on me
Dose you like a needle homie
Real quick and easy on em


Every time it rain
My tears fall with some mo’ shells
I’m prayin’ that my dawgs that died are not in hell
I ain’t got no sense
But I got fingers on these presidents
The sh*t I’m smokin’ evil
I got zombies in my residence

From the bullets to the chalk I love to zip you up
Rollin with that Glizzle
At yo’ noggin
Best to give it up

Smoke yo ass right after work
Sit back and watch my addicts twerk
Take some wounds in battle best to use yo’ shirt

Tell yo b*tch to drop her purse
Cause this lead’ll hurt

I don’t know them losers
Bounce up off the set or eat some sh*t

You can ask them ladies
Like some albums
I be droppin’ di*k

Yo b*tch a double platinum
Skin Diamond with the spit
Yeh, yeh, yeh

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