Aw yeh, yeh, yeah
For the dub dub
King D-A-M up in this muthaf*cka
Kickin’ that real funky sh*t

Know what I’m sayin’

Grab ya fruit, grab ya Bellini’s b*tch
Aw sh*t

When my b*tch clean the crib
It make my di*k hard
She count the money
Puts opposers I’m the ER

She sayin’ how you know I’m wet
I say I see far
I thrust that ass back to sleep
And then I take her car

Pullin’ up on bad b*tches with no gas in it
Told ‘em throw ya boy some noggin
‘cause my windows tinted

DAM a chemist with the liquors
Leave yo’ brain spinnin’
And I can’t f*ck with baptisms
Cause I’m still sinnin’

Plus it’s muthaf*ck the Rams
Cause they wasn’t winnin
Smoke when you done p*ssin’
Cause I’m Butch
When you caught slippin’

f*ck yo’ layout
I got n*ggas creepin’ like cicadas
We Chevy n*ggas leaving trails
Call us runt blazers


I’m out here grindin’
Ducking’ laws cause I can’t see a sell
Take my audio and flip it I don’t need a scale
Keep that Mac across
In case I see a Dell

I keep a b*tch to drain my nuts
And fill my lungs with kale



Stealthy, wealthy
Doing what I gotta do
Hop from gig to gig treat a drought just like an obstacle

Posturepedic seatin in the whip
I got the options boo
Countin’ guap and getting top too busy for the follow up

I was wilin’ but my time was up
n*ggas grown as f*ck
Me and Austin gettin blunted up
And runnin money up

‘member mama told me
“Son you tough”
That sh*t f*cked me up

Champion I’m beating all the f*cks up outta runner up
Sleeping, eating, workin in the same clothes
Be damned if I get clout, just to f*ck on all the same hoes

Scrollin’ up a fronto while I wait ‘til all the rain gone
And when I’m done I’m human torch that b*tch and put the flame on

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