"Order Up"


6:45 in the evening tho
(Yeh, yeh, yeh, ooo, aye)
Ok, ok
Lil b*tch, lil b*tch come through aye
Lil b*tch, lil b*tch yeh


I ain’t neva in her way
With my di*k soft
I know her real well
So we f*ck raw
I love a big booty
With that good jaw
Always cook a good meal
And she love to suck balls


Get you some standards
Stick to the plan
Then count up them bands
The loud for the low
b*tch imma P, put that sh*t in my hand
I’m getting that weak sh*t right out of the do’
Blunt when I wake up, oh how did you know
On howdershell buggin’
NV get the money
If you don’t contribute
You get nothing from me, no di*k in yo’ tummy
Not even discussions
Add up the money, then bag up the money
Can’t slack when I’m on it
So wrap up them hunnits
Imma slow burn like I’m dabbed in some honey
I tapped yo lil bunny and spat on the cat
Break in yo office
Like Cube with the bat
Movin’ the needle
Like Stockton Diaz
Back in the Lou
Now I’m back on they ass
Trap off the Mac
But I move like a Mack

Only call me when ya eyes low
I can’t make you make ya mind up


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