Chris De Burgh

"Patricia the Stripper"

[Intro: Chris De Burgh & Dustin]
Now, Dustin, I want you to behave
This song is truly a classic
What? I thought we were doing one of yours
Only joking, Christy. Love all your stuff
Especially the one about bringing your shovel to work

Oh, why me?

[Verse 1: Chris De Burgh & Dustin]
I'm going, out to dinner
With a gorgeous singer (Mary Coughlan?)
To a little place I found down by the quay

Her name is Patricia
She calls herself Delicia
And the reason isn't very hard to see

She said, God made her a sinner just to keep those fat men thinner
As they tumble down in heaps before her feet

They hang around in groups, like battle weary troops
One can often see them queue right down the street

You see, Patricia, or Delicia
Not only is a singer
She also removes all her clothing
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