Heart and Soul lyrics


Chris De Burgh

There's a light that shines
In the darkest night
From a window far below;
And a maiden fair
Who is living there
Of my love she does not know;
But I have no riches to give her
I have no diamonds or silver
And the only way to show my love
Is with my heart and soul;

When I see her there in the Market Square
She always smiles at me;
And it's then we talk of the things we love
In the natural world we have seen;
And she speaks of the beauty around her
And I'm so happy I found her
But the only way to show my love
Is with my heart and soul;

Will she take the hand of a humble man
Who has no words to say
All the things he feels, but his love is real
Forever and a day;

Like a bird who flies in the evening sky
I wait for night to come;
Then I'll see her light
That is shining bright
For me it's like the sun;
And tomorrow I'll go to see her, and tell her
All the things that I feel for her
And I pray that she will say to me
"I want your heart and soul
Here's my heart and soul
Together heart and soul."
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