Zbigniew Preisner


If you should wake and find me gone
Keep safe this night and dwell upon
Such murmurations, sun sunk deep
Now close your eyes and go to sleep...

[Verse 1]
What a day it's been
A day of shoot the breezes
What a day it's been this time of year
Oh yes it has

Just a day when the weight of the world slides away

[Verse 2]
Feel that sun on your back
See the shadows falling
Sea meets shore and soothes it with a song
Oh yeah

If this should be my last day on earth I'll sing along

(Today, always)
Let's forget all the skies cast over the rain
(Today, always)
And the squalling tempest of doubt
(Today, always)
Holding on clinging tight in the wreckage of love
(Today, always)
But today
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