Zbigniew Preisner

"Come to Us"

If you're still and close your eyes
You can see beyond the shadows
If the light within your guise
Try to believe and hope this Christmas
As one soul disappears
The laughter fades into the distance
Please help us bury our tears
And forget that fate is burning

I will not give into the fear
That you're gone and lost forever
Give me strength to know that You're near
And to feel Your love surround me
Your voice carries a prayer
That I can hear beyond the shadows
If I'm still, I know that You're there
And I'll believe in love this Christmas

Come to us, give us hope through our sorrow
Fill our lives and our dreams
With belief in tomorrow
Let us live and forget all our emptiness
Let us laugh like children
Who believe in life this Christmas

Give me the faith to know
That I can reach beyond the shadows
As the seeds begin to grow
I will believe in truth this Christmas
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