Harley Poe

"Homicidal Maniac"

You don't like me much at all
But I would like to see you fall
You're a pig and I'm a little runt

You're the king of the neighborhood
I'm ugly and misunderstood
I've got something to say so I'll make it blunt

I was the kid back in school that you hurt
You pushed me around and you made me feel like dirt
Do you remember me?
Do you know what I've grown up to be? No?
Well let me tell ya...

I'm a homicidal maniac
So you better watch your back
I gotta knife and I'm using it tonight. Whoa...
You used to put me down
Soon you'll be in the ground
And then I'll be feeling alright

You think that you're so pretty
Well I'll tell you what I think I see
A scornful tease that used to make fun of me

You were cute and popular
I was just a little nerd
Right about now you're making me feel perturbed
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