Harley Poe

"Date with the Undead"

Such a beautiful young lady
You don't deserve to die this way
But if the zombies don't get you
Evil men will take your innocence away

You're too sweet to be eaten alive
But if you live the world will make you insane
Don't you think it's better to die painfully
Than to grow up in a world of pain?

There's somethin' creepin' through the doorway
It's glarin' at you, you better run away

The cannibalistic living dead
Starving corpses killing to be fed
They're risin' from their graves
And they're marching into town
So hide if you can
But you'll be found

Drowning in a pool of your own blood
Could this have been your destiny?
Seven ghouls sucking on your bones
But from sin you know your spirit will be free
But your body will belong to somethin' else
Posessing you now, who could it be?
When you awake you will long for human flesh
And soon you could be chasin' after me
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