"​transforming (part 1)"

How you feeling?
I'm alright
Alright, Speak your mind

Think that they know me
They don't know sh*t about me
f*ck what they feeling
I'll be who I wanna be
Came from the north side
Dreaming of all that I could be
I'm for the long ride
Visions more clearer to see
So many girls on my mind
But I don't see you anymore
Maybe it's cos of my life
That I don't see you anymore
Texting you begging for more
I'll make you rich if you're poor
I'll buy your favourite decor
Maybe I'm drunk on the floor

Maybe I'll slap any prick that is taking the mick
Bossing the way of my life like I'm Rick
Smoking and skiing in verbier
Party my life away
Tell me my life is the sh*t
I know so many that want me to quit
I did this ting back when nobody knew of it all
I hit the space of the few where my Idols turned rivals to losing to nothing at all
On track pro track
So many jumped on
My back
I'm back, payback
Now you pricks wanna go
Backtrack I'm
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