"​transforming (part 2) - Bonus Track"

Think that they know me
They don't know sh*t about me
f*ck what they feeling
I'll be who I wanna be
Came from the north side
Dreaming of all that I could be
I'm for the long ride
Visions more clearer to see
So many girls on my mind
But I don't see you anymore
Maybe it's cos of my life
That I don't see you anymore
Texting you begging for more
I'll make you rich if you're poor
I'll buy your favourite decor
Maybe I'm drunk on the floor

Maybe I'll setup the camp and get ready for war
I'm not the same as you saw me before
I'm at a stage where they cannot ignore
My Mentor watching, listening, this thing
So trigger happy that a leader scared to do anything
Gotta follow where the people take em but he loses will to do everything
Cos I
Did this for my
Sanity cos I
Was reaching levels so uncontrollable
None promotional
International thoughts
Travelling to chill with my thoughts
Simple thing a break from all the worshipping
They tried to kill me off like Im the Luther King
But I bounced right back
Slamming and dunking lebroning I'm like that
People be hating when they really bluffing when they say they getting it like that
I make it look like it's nothing the way that I'm running the kingdom I own
0 Belief from the people I thought were my homies so I did it all on my own
God bless the Internet
Place where a person can be a threat
Showing my family to zero debt
These are the things that they won't forget and I won't regret cos I'm
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