KSI’s Interlude lyrics



[Intro: KSI & RJLDiablo]
Hi KSI, I would like to spit some bars for you, you know?
How old are you?
I'm 12
What's up with these 12 year olds?
Alright yo, alright go

[Verse: RJLDiablo]
f*ck off let me live my life
Spitting all your spite
Did I get it right?
Picking up a girly and take her to the tent
After that night, take her to the pent
She f*cks off hearing I pay it off rent
Pull up in the night
Fifty on my right
Dada doing theft
Inteligent vet, you my f*cking pet

[Outro: KSI & RJLDiablo]
Cool, yeah, bro, you got bars
I just want to say you're an inspiration to me
Appreciate it man, thank you, man
See you, my man
For once a 12 year old didn't want to f*cking threaten me
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