Burna Boy

"Mary Jane"

Woah Woah Woah X3

If you gat something to say
You should say it to my face yeah

I know who you loving ain’t my business at all
But if you give it to me, I’ll be back for some more
Just let me do you like a Mary Jane
And I love you, I will say it yeah e

Girl all the n*ggas you f*cking with ain’t f*cking with with my n*ggas
Came in here, they know my name
But they don’t know you n*ggas

I’m so clean. Fresh off the scene, I’m stuntin’ on you n*ggas
This is for them long nights I spent on my knees, screaming “God bless my n*ggas”

I ain’t getting no rest, my n*gga
Feeling so hopeless my n*gga
Living out the Projects my n*gga
Now I ain’t got no stress I’m...
Swimming in the money, drowning in the deep end
You can hear me coming as I light the weed

Promise I ain’t even tryin. That means everybody lying

Trying to tell me I can’t smoke anymore? Oh no no no no no no

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