Alessia Cara

"Like You (Live)"

Da-da, da-da, da-da-da
Da-da, da-da, da-da

[Verse 1]
Almost made me lose my cool for a minute
Almost forgot who I am for minute
Almost forgot that you should count all your lucky stars
That you ever even had me for a minute (Woo)

I mind my business and I still get burned (Still get burned)
But it's only painful if I let it hurt (Let it hurt)
Go ahead and fill up all your voids with parts of her
I won't be holding my breath

You said, "I'm happy that I found you" (Happy that I found you)
But, boy, you went in for the kill (For the kill)
You said, "I've never, ever, ever met a girl like you" (Boy)
And, boy, you never will (Never will, never will)
Boy, you never will

Da-da, da-da, da-da-da
Da-da, da-da, da-da (Woo)
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