Alessia Cara

"Here Remix"

Days to hours turn minutes to seconds detected a lesson a missed interception aggression is building depression is destined my minds going solo and no one can help it

A crazy man preaching then reaching not guessing a question no ending an incomplete sentence I’m racing not lying but trying to catch it walking around and my head is a mess and I worked really hard why I bare all the scars and my heart is in charge so I shoot for the stars but my feet are on mars never hit up my line never pull out my card and as far as I’vе come you can’t even applaud

Too much of a fraud, thе grace ain’t in god execution is flawed
And that’s fine , we’re good , alright?
But this time, We’re done - goodbye

Look me in my eyes tell me that you want it you ain’t never got it and the oddest part about it
Is the fact that you ain’t here it makes it clear you ain’t even bout it makes me doubt it visions clouded always in to actin childish

Took the tough route - feelings are suppressed looking like a mess pouring out ya eyes crying torn distress simple ain’t enough had to take it to a place where there are no regrets open text so upset know the set

Notice it leave it to the older kids
Sit your ass down take a breather and just roll with it
Slowly kick fly into the sky leap to roar and soar until you flip
Ripped out of the freedom that you thought you had - you totaled it

Ownership take it don’t you leave it you were born equipt
Don’t let somebody tell you that you can’t just cause they talk some sh*t
If your on it you know what it is
And they don’t which is the reason why they punishing

Oh oh oh here oh oh oh here oh oh oh
I ask myself what am I doing here?
Oh oh oh here oh oh oh here
And I can't wait till we can break up outta here
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