Refugee Freestyle lyrics


Drakeo the Ruler

We at Ruth Chris celebrating
All my opps they never make it
Beams on sh*t, that's mandatory
Left a spot in heaven for you
Damn right I'm paranoid
You know how I did them boys
Who cold as me thuggin'? I'll put them sheets on you
See these VVs on me, I'll put them Gs on you
I got on VLONE, we turned it to orange
Jungle Fever, go Justin Bieber
Even Stevens? No, I don't think so
I know I'm stupid, slide me the uzi
Silent shooters, sniper movies
Hyper groupies, fight me for 'em
This life is over, no you don't want this
This ain't what you want, we don't make country songs
We don't put nobodies on, we don't wanna hear your songs
You givin' out weirdo vibes
I told y'all a million times
Took his gun but I still got mine
No jugs, I'm still gon' fly
No hugs, I'm in and out her
She's in love with pills and powder
Could never trust no thotties, when they went caught them bodies
b*tch I'm from the streets, I'm on the run, it's really time to park
I'm with Mei Ling from the Philippine, she in love with Bruno Mars
Can your love buy two more cars?
Is your love gon' pay this man?
Can your love make bullets stop?
Heard your love get n*ggas shot
Heard your love cost [?]
Heard they drug him with a mop
Type of love these b*tches got?
My drugs better get you some
My plug, better get you one
Hot dog, put a stick in one
Heard your dog got chicken pox
Heard him mom got n*ggas watched
Better watch how you spin this block
Man, these new switches tough
Heard this lil b*tch is stuffed, might have to go get me some
Heard of me, I'm Drakeo
We served you Karo
Beam on you like [?]
He's mashed potatoes
I don't know how to lay low
It's on a don on the Wraith, hoe
Oh you in real estate? We knockin' down [?]
Beams and the drums, you can be who you want
That broke sh*t is contagious and I don't need me the runs
If you ever sneak diss me, I believe you should run
There's an empty spot in Heaven, you can be with your son
If you thought that's disrespectful, you should see when I'm done
I'm a flu flammin' n*gga, with these three little guns
Stop talking to me about jewelry, I'm Mr. T, what I'm on
Turn this b*tch to killer season, I just peed on the block
Get rid of the residue, almost peed on my watch
Who brought this n*gga wearing Jordans? I'll swing on a cop
Ever since I dissed that paper suit, I had the streets in a knot
With the freakiest thots, couldn't believe what she caught
I mean it's serious, there's n*ggas coppin' pleas but I ain't hearin'
No more [?] it's getting ridiculous
That b*tch you [?] she might bring syphilis
You ain't hear me? Let it rip again
I'm with Ling Ling but I'm Mei Ling curious
I don't want no b*tch that's from [?]
I take all my mug shots with asparagus
This sh*t is terrible
Boy, who you starin' at?

Yeah exactly n*gga. You know what's going on. You ain't staring at nothin'. Yeah, yeah, yeah
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