​ecstacy lyrics


Elliott Trent

Lyrics from snippit

[Lil Xero, Missinthis43]
With this f*cking cake
No sh*t, I go off when I f*cking stake
Everywhere I go sh*t turns to a rake
Ecstacy, ecstasy, I'm off of this ecstasy
Molly on me, molly on me, I got this molly on me
Tryna be with me shawty I don't give a sh*t (Give a sh*t)
I been sippin' lean and going off this green (Lean n' green)
Wondering what I been doing when I slip it with the seams
Try f*ck me get rapunzeled
b*tch try me, b*tch try me
Your voice gave me ecstacy
Ecstacy, ecstacy
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