Ski Mask the Slump God

"Run Forrest Run (Remix)"

Yeah, b*tch, what up?
Hold up, yeah, yeah, yeah, ay

Brace as you feel the cold like the winter snow
I flew in December defeating my slumber
I'm drowning and you'll never know
Blasted, blasted, want the pressure-pressure
Among the lord, succ*mb to me under pressure, ayy

[Verse II - Ski Mask The Slump God]
f*ck a n*gga fist
Meet me on the battleground, off a half a pound of destructo disc
Fresh as a "Brisk"
Callin' out mo' curse words in the pus*y than a show on adult swim
Rest in p*ss
Jewelry so water, like a daughter, jewelry lookin' like a sh*tty toilet
Sip that crisp
Paul Wall diamonds got a mothaf*cka sunny like I'm out in orbit

Look at the slits on my wrist
Look at the blood in my p*ss
Cold as my heart
Tend to get better at this
By the time when I wasn't just
Cold from the start
Grabbin' the K with intentions
You bust it, but n*ggas be jumpin'
And plus if you add it up, add it up, put it up in your heart
pus*y, might find your heart
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