Jocelyn Flores (Voice Memo) lyrics



[?] the mixtape is about a girl that killed herself in- in my hotel room
Yeah, I had just had sex with her right before she killed herself
Like [?] into a house because she was trying to get into a fight with another girl that was there
I didn't know she was drepressed, I didn't know she was off of her meds
She went there and hung herself in the bathroom
Woked up to a phone call basically telling me that she killed herself
So, basically I take from like, real life experiences, like thoughts of suicide, or, just tho- current thoughts that are just [?]
And just basically putting in all for other people to feed on so it's basically a cure to your depression wh- as you're enter... you're basically enter- the.. the, like, from the first track until the end youre basically, you're entering my mind, because this is literally my mind
It's li-literal thoughts or literal emotion, you know what I'm saying?
So it's more or less just like, the con- the concept of the tape in itself, of the album in itself is that you're inside of my mind
It's called 17, 'cause I have a 17 on my head (Right)
[?] this is the one about that girl that killed herself ([?] that's crazy )
Actually I'll play it from here

[Intro: Shiloh Dynasty]
I know you so well, so well
I mean, I can do anything that he can
I've been pretty—

[Bridge: XXXTENTACION & Shiloh Dynasty]
I know you're somewhere, somewhere
I've been trapped in my mind, girl, just holding on
I don't wanna pretend we're something, we're nothing
I've been stuck thinking 'bout her, I can't hold on
(I've been pretty—)
I'm in pain, wanna put ten shots in my brain
I've been trippin' 'bout some things, can't change
Suicidal, same time I'm tame
Picture this, in bed, get a phone call
Girl that you f*cked with killed herself
That was this summer when nobody helped
And ever since then, man, I hate myself
Wanna f*ckin' end it, pessimistic
All wanna see me with no pot to p*ss in
But n*ggas been excited 'bout the grave I'm diggin'
Havin' conversations 'bout my haste decisions
f*ckin' sickenin'; at the same time
Memories surface through the grapevine
'Bout my uncle playin' with a slip knot
Post-traumatic stress got me f*cked up
Been f*cked up since the couple months they had a n*gga locked up

I'll be feelin' pain, I'll be feelin' pain just to hold on
And I don't feel the same, I'm so numb
I'll be feelin' pain, I'll be feelin' pain just to hold on
And I don't feel the same, I'm so numb

[Outro: Shiloh Dynasty]
I know you so well, I know you well
I mean, I can do any-
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