"Find Me"

[XXXTentacion x GxthicKagura]
Where were you again? (x5)
Somewhere with a friend
I was in my head, I'm lost again, again
She turned around and said, that I was like the rest
That I don’t understand the way it is, to her

[Verse 1 - GxthicKagura]
I can't understand what her mind wants
I can't understand these thoughts
I can’t understand why we fought
Your love is something that I want
But so much sh*t has happened
I don't know if we should get back together
Maybe I should leave forever

I loved you so much
But you couldn't understand the pain I went through
I look to drugs for comfort
But even with these drugs I suffer
I know your love is the only thing that will make me tougher
So baby come back to me so we can recover

[XXXTentacion x GxthicKagura]
Where were you again? (x5)

[Verse 2 - AceOfSpadez]
We swim everyday but we keep on drowning
Feel like the ocean will make us float
Then you feeling like the goat

Everything is so peaceful
Well it's not what it seems x2
Feel like i'm being cursed at the bottom of the sea
Before I knew it everyone trying to get away from me
I get it, I caused pain

Someone may remember all the hopes and dreams I promised to make
But I'm not fake
So don't think I am
All the pain and suffering of not going back
Chest was beating so fast thought I was gonna catch a heart attack
But it's alright though
Just another fighter tryna get by
Can’t apologize so I cry

I hate the feeling of trying to move on
Still in love with the same girl it’s not fair
Have to replace the old love with new love and put the old love in the rocking chair
I cry myself to sleep and be depressed but what do I hope to gain from that

[XXXTentacion x GxthicKagura]
Where were you again? (x5)

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