"Until I See You Again..."

[Intro: Kid Cole]
It'll all be over soon

[Verse 1: Kid Cole]
I’ve lost some friends in my lost days
Not my fault, as they say
I was played, and I was hurt
The earth, and the f*cking dirt
And why do we all live?
Do we live for bullsh*t
This is my reply, my reconcile
f*ck you, my words up in a pile
Throw me in the Nile
I’ll just float away
Arrivederci, and now I f*cking hurt, aye
You didn’t even wish me happy birthday, but never burnt aye
Feelings so demeaning, I feel degraded, and hated
Existence debated, and my life contemplated
Life is faded, fading away, setting my soul to lay
I swear I died four or five times, when I f*cking rhyme I can feel the pain chime
Pain to my existence, resistance, spiritual indistance
My words put in the indent
Hoe switch friends, like I move my pen
Friends that only make fake amends

Listen bro, I hate mental pain
I’m good at physical pain
It only goes so far, it ain’t gon’ kill you
Unless they tryna kill you!
I’m down for that!
Cuz it’s only-it’s
Like bruh, alright
A n*gga shoot me, that’s the easiest way out
You shoot me in my brain, that is the easiest way out, that is the easiest way out
You shoot me in my brain and I only gotta feel two seconds of pain and I don’t gotta look at you or nobody no more?
Thats easy
It’s that-that mental sh*t, that torture
Thats the real pain
People don’t be going through this sh*t so they don’t understand, they-they look at everybody like hoodlums, and they pre-judge
And have these pre-conceived notions on people, like no, bro

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