Because I understand things, and I just understand how people feel
In the the aspect of, okay, I know how it feels to be alone
I know how it feels to be around people, and still feel alone
Like I'll be around a million people and still feel alone
Even sometimes like, alright, I’ll go out even with my own friends, my previous friends and I would just feel alone
I've just-
Well, I'm in a position now where, I was friends with a lot of people and I kind of felt abandoned
I’ve seen people choose material items over me, I've seen people choose status quo over me

[Kid Cole: Verse 1]
Thoughts intervene, thoughts make you scream
Thoughts in your dreams, plots and the schemes
Lots and the teams, bought all the fiends
Pessimistic mind, waste my time
Pave my rhyme, pay for the crime
You ain't gotta go and say the you fine
I wanna be there, she said she okay
But she already dying, she already crying
She think that I'm lying, but I really wanna help
Struggles that I've dealt
Heart in the rough, life gets tough, and love ain't enough
She and she huff, she huff and she puff
And she run away, run from the pain, run in the rain, to blend with the tears, blend with years she tryna refrain
Beat with the Kane, stabbed and poked, she been provoked, but she sweet and so
She don't even know, uh

[Kid Cole: Verse 2]
I've been feeling dead
Shots in my head
Glocks on the bed, and the MAC on the ten
Flock out on in, bought and you win
Sought for the win, but know I’m crying in a bin
Feeling all the sin, how she did my wrong
How she just left, and left with the bong
So I’ve been feeling alone, alone in my home, with a pistol in my hand
Life by a strand, get a f*cking keg, and beat myself in the le-

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