Introduction lyrics



'Cause I, I, I'd like to talk about love, and it's always on my mind
Um, I'm always, oh, I've really stopped looking for someone, unfortunately, because
Uh, currently, where my mind is, it's just like
I don't wanna say I've given up but I've just seen everybody make me promises and make me promises on promises and never really fulfill them, like
I was always looking for a caretaker
Looking for someone that would protect me, take initiative for me
And just be thе greatest person thеy could for me
And that may be selfish, I don't know
But, it's, that's just me being honest
And every time I've kinda let myself be led on by someone, they either deceive me or
Just treat me really, really, really bad, and I'm
I'm a very genuine person and I'm far too emotional and I care too much
And I've, I've definitely cared too much in situations and been f*cked over
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