Gassed Up lyrics



I got these ballers, yes I got these ballers
My di*k touch her lip and that b*tch just stutter
I'm not a prototype, I'm not a prototype
I am original, I'm the original
I took the chopper in half, that's a sawed-off
I put the piece on the beam, mothaf*cka
Don't relax, don't want the beast, mothaf*cka
Carnivore, I want the beef, mothaf*cka

[Verse: 1]
Feature price went up as sh*t like
"Oh, big deal, are you Satan?"
I reply like, "Are you playin'?"
Slurp on pus*y like Lo Mein
I'm Progressive like Flo, man
Therapist knocking at my f*cking door, man
My body just look like G.I. Joе, man
Feds askin' questions, I don’t f*cking know man
Kim Jong Un to the f*cking flow, man
Won't lеt the .400 bang, mh
Bet you won't run in the paint, mh
These f*ckboys sick in the brain, mh
These f*ckboys sick in the brain, mh
I put my di*k in her face, yuh
I put my di*k in her- ayy
I put my di*k in her face, mh
She suck the tip not the base, mh
She suck the tip not the base
She suck the tip not the base
Yeah re- real quick
I just- I just really wanted to say all you rappers suck

[Verse: 2]
Diamond baller, broke my shoulder
She wan' f*ck but can't come over
That b*tch suck, hit the running man, hm
Hopped out of jail with a hunnid bands, hm
KKK, I'm just hanging man, hm
Chris Rock, n*ggas acting funny man, hm
… My money stretching like Luffy, uh
Like Disney these n*ggas is Goofy, uh
I don't f*ck with snake but like Gucci, uh
These n*ggas act fool for some coochie, uh
I would not go back to jail, uh
These n*ggas is blind, need braille, huh
Watch how I switch, watch how I switch
Nut on her switch, watch how I, hm
… n*gga where the f*ck is your energy, cannot mimic your enemy
Play pawn defending me, I can palm you n*ggas
'Cause I warned you n*ggas, I never swung you n*ggas
I don't need no motherf*ckers shoulders to lean on
Wet up your pus*y, I treat it like ding dong
Harder than the Kim Possible theme song
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