Ah ladies and gentlemen, you're smut peddlers again
We're going back to our roots
We are porn again..

I surf out twats then I bail after they’re knocked
Socially disorder like, whites blacks and Puerto Rocks
In your lab with toast and oven mittens
Keep my feet in anus MC's so much they stop sh*tn'
Dust your devotchka’s crotch for Cage prints
Leave pus*y glowin' orange and it’s been like that since
My man's truck crashed, the radiation plant burned
Spit ran out, lit up like Green Lantern
Bit me on the wrist, while I'm drinkin Sunkist
The can popped I spit electric p*ss
From big city to outback, somebody's gettin caught in it
And my steez got my old seeds suicidal abortin sh*t
Even cheerleader from a player present
Stuck this hooker with broken glass
Until her belly looked pregant
p*ssed in her mouth and lit her stomach for a while
Kicked her in the ass while she gave birth to a crystal

[Hook: Mr. Eon/Cage]
I peddle smut like paper routes with no droughts
We givin IN-OUTS, and IN-OUTS, and more IN-OUTS
I spray fluid by the ounce, your pouch gets pounced
Givin IN-OUTS, and IN-OUTS, and more IN-OUTS
I peddle smut like paper routes, your mom's house
Catches IN-OUTS, and IN-OUTS, and more IN-OUTS
I spray fluid by the ounce, your pouch gets pounced
Givin IN-OUTS, and IN-OUTS, and more IN-OUTS

[Mr. Eon]
We get our lye on, while my sh*t spray like Krylon's
My wide-eyed stay red just like a cylon
From the drug that I be high on, you know my motto
I'm tellin you girl, I got a tough pill to swallow
Like Killamanjaro, been in there
Ever since Rory Sparrow, shot straight like an arrow
I hope to grab papyrus just like a pharaoh
And I wobble too much, for the straight and narrow
But on this mic, I be a pleasant surprise
Like seein shaved pus*y right in front of your eyes
Intriguing, your empty words have no meaning
You need Vivarin if you gonna keep sleeping
I be quenching thirst, you're just quarter water
Never heard about, just like Seargeant Slaughter
Or Iron Sheik, Cobra Clutch your domepiece
I try to stay slim, but my sh*t be obese

[Hook: Cage/Mr. Eon]

I scribble declarations cause mental patients need it
Turn a dominatrix to a submissive cheerleader
Bite it, beat it, eat it, hit it, quit it
Then I stick my fingers in the f*ckin mouth of critics
Ahhh, day in the life of Agent Orange
Mad E.T. paraphanelia, try all local twats in the area
Stormin grounds with four-pounds, I exist through the rounds
Take it out on my mom's dome with legs and arms bound

[Mr. Eon]
We spit phlegm that's outrageous, like sneaker prices
Mics get wet like dildo devices
Bleed from sores that's puss ridden, plus hidden
In a Crackerjack surprise, your demise
The skull fracture, I attacked ya
Mr. E in 3-D, you're just a beat jacker
Exhalin flatulence, past tense
Have quadripalegics, doin back bends

[Hook: Cage/Mr. Eon]

Agent Orange, smut peddler for life
di*k Starbuck, smut peddler for life
DJ Mighty Mi, smut peddler for life
J the Sultan, smut peddler for life
Al Goldstein, smut peddler for life
Bill Clinton, smut peddler for life
Hide your women

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