Jeremy Zucker

"Backyard Boy (Remix)"

Five, six, seven, eight

[Verse 1: Claire Rosinkranz, Claire Rosinkranz & Jeremy Zucker]
Dance with me in my backyard boy
Looking super fine in your corduroy
Drive me around the block, we can go in a loop
And we'll turn the volume up, on some good boy band tunes

[Pre-Chorus: Claire Rosinkranz]
Love to feel the fresh air, I can feel your eyes stare
And I'm not gonna lie, I get a little bit scared
My heart is on wings, I'm living in dreams
And at the top of our lungs, we sing

[Chorus: Claire Rosinkranz]
Everything is perfect
All our words were worth it
Dancin' around like a clown at the circus
Backyard boy, you make me nervous
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